Calibration Kits

Most automated measuring and monitoring equipment for pH and ORP require multiple buffer for a correct calibration. 

Calibration Kits For Pool and Aquarium

If you own a pool, and you have an automated pool controller for your pH and Chlorine (ORP) from Zodiac, Astral, Micro-Dos, Seko, Sugar Valley, JBL, Dennerle, Hayward, you will probably require around 3 different calibration solutions to keep your system measuring accurately. Usually 2 pH buffer solutions for to calibrate the pH electrode and 1 ORP buffer solution to calibrate the ORP Electrode. 

This is why we offer premium calibration kits of pre-selected pH and ORP calibration solutions, complemented with KCL storage solution and cleaning solution. We have 3 different kits, based on the most popular systems in the market today. 

Save time and money with our calibration kits, ideal for pool and aquarium owners.