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Calibration Solutions

Discover our range of premium pH, ORP and EC calibration solutions, replacement pH and ORP Electrodes and Digital Meters.

Laboratory accuracy, for your pool, aquarium, brewing, food and garden applications.

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PH Calibration Solutions

Keep your pH meter and pH electrode measuring accurately and responsive with our collection of pH calibration solutions.

NIST-Certified pH calibration solutions, compatible with all brands.

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PH Buffer Solution

ORP Buffer Solution

Conductivity Standard

KCl Storage Solution

PH and ORP Electrodes

replacement pH and ORP Electrodes for Pool and Aquarium. Compatible with Astral, Zodiac, Micro-Dos, Seko, Sugar Valley, JBL Dennerle and more.

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PH Electrode

ORP Electrode

Digital Testers

PH Meter and ORP Meter are indispensable for pool and spa owners, who need to measure the pH level and Chlorine (ORP) level from their pool and Spa on a regular basis.

PH and EC Combo meter is a popular choice and used primarily for planting vegetables, fruits and hydroponics.

Our Salt Meter is designed to measure the accurate salt level of your swimming pool and aquarium.

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PH Meter

ORP Meter

EC Meter

Salt Meter

Conductivity Standard

Keep your EC Meter and EC Electrode perfectly calibrated. Order our premium certified Conductivity Standard EC 1.143 and EC 12.88

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